Saipa Khomein

Looking at the growing automotive market during last 10 years in IRAN and manufacturing of more than 1,000,000 jobs per year, SAIPA, the Iranian biggest carmaker, decided to develop its production facilities and capacity. Due to this strategy, SAIPA KHOMEIN was founded in 2005 and the construction was started.

Bouka Holding, as the main stockholder of the Saipa Khomain, started exploitation of Saipa’s production line in 2015 with total 2,950,000 m2 area, more than 25,000 m2 indoor spaces, and the manufacturing potential of 120,000 jobs per year in various types including B, C, D, and SUV.As a business partner of SAIPA group (SAIPA, PARS KHODRO, ZAMIAD, SAIPA diesel, SAIPA Kashan, and BONRO), SAIPA KHOMEIN is supported by other companies of the group which provides the accessibility of production facilities, supply chain, R&D, sale and after sale services network.

After all, support of biggest local manufacturer, partnership with world’s leader carmakers, market prosperity and the various internal strengths such as brand value and technical knowledge are the key success elements of SAIPA KHOMEIN.